The cabbage soup diet has existed, in one form or another, for the better part of a century. This week-long diet is advertised as a way to lose a lot of weight incredibly fast; and, while this is the outcome for most people, this restrictive diet, just like others, can be difficult to stick to, and oftentimes does not provide lasting results.

Promising up to 10 pounds down in a week, this diet centers around a specific soup made with cabbage and a few other foods. Each day allows specific foods in addition to unlimited amounts of the soup. You can drink unsweetened tea, sugar free cranberry juice, black coffee, and water during the week-long diet.

The foods allowed in addition to the soup and beverages include:

Day 1: Any fruit except bananas.

Day 2: Any vegetable except corn, peas, and beans.

Day 3: Any fruit and vegetable, except bananas, corn, peas, and beans.

Day 4: 8 bananas, two glass of skim milk.

Day 5: 20 ounces of animal protein, six tomatoes.

Day 6: Beef steak and vegetables (no corn, peas, or beans).

Day 7: 2 cups of brown rice, sugar-free fruit juice, vegetables (no corn, peas, or beans).

Although the recipe for the cabbage soup varies, it typically includes beef or chicken broth, a head of cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and seasonings to taste.

While cabbage can help to aid in digestion and potentially speed up weight loss, experts believe that the specific weight loss benefits of the cabbage soup diet are mainly due to the extreme calorie restriction, likening it to a mild type of fast.

Although it can help to jumpstart a new weight loss plan, do not expect long-term results if you resume a standard American diet afterwards and, as with all things, discuss the cabbage soup diet with a trusted physician before starting it.

Other short-term diets that are designed to help your body detox, or jumpstart a diet plan include The Master Cleanse and the Lemonade Diet.


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