The Calorie Burn Calculator estimates the number of calories you burn while performing various activities for a given amount of time.

The calculator uses the Metabolic Equivalent number (MET) to help calculate the number of calories burned. MET is a a multiplier that varies depending on the activity being performed. For example, lying quietly while watching television would be equal to 1.0 MET while jogging would be aequal to 7.0 MET.

1 MET is equal to 1kcal per kg per hour (1 kcal/kg/hr). Since we know your body weight, the amount of time the activity was performed and the MET value for a given activity, we can find the number of calories burned.

It is important to note, the Calories Burned Calculator should be used for general estimates of calories burned. Many other factors such as your health, age, ethnicity, and metabolism can all play important factors in how many calories you burn while performing a specific activity.

When looking at the activities, as a general rule of thumb, light, moderate, and vigorous activity can be approximated by:

Light Intensity: You can sing loudly, with ease, while performing the activity.
Moderate Intensity: You can speak as though in conversation while performing the activity.
Vigorous Intensity: You are out of breath and have difficulty holding a conversation while performing the activity.

With over 800 different activities in the Calorie Burn Calculator, you should be able to find an activity that closely approximates your desired search.

Use the below Calculator to determine the
calories you burn for various activities.

Time Activity Performed:
Enter Weight:
Select Activity Section:

You Burned Around
Metabolic Equivalent –
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