Why You Need the Master Cleanse

The need for the master cleanse is simple. We live in a very toxic society. We breathe polluted air every day, which contains chemicals such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and lead. In addition, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has reported that there are nearly 900 poisonous chemicals in cosmetics and skincare products, and these chemicals are absorbed through our skin and into our body. We also use toxic cleaning supplies, eat food that is full of dangerous preservatives, and drink chlorinated water. This creates such a load on our bodies that our natural defense mechanisms are overwhelmed, and we can not eliminate the toxins. In fact, a study done at Cornell University found that almost all Americans have at least 116 dangerous chemicals in their bodies. People living in other countries are likely to have similar amounts, and in some cases even more.

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These statistics were made even more alarming by a 2007 study, which found that 40 percent of all deaths are caused by environmental toxins. In addition, for the first time in history, our life expectancy is going down rather than up. However, as disheartening as all this information may be, it does not have to apply to you. It is possible to eliminate these toxins from your body, and once they are gone, you will experience more energy, better health and a longer life. The best way to do this is through a cleanse, and the best cleanse is the master cleanse.

This powerful cleanse has been around since 1976, when Dr. Stanley Burroughs described it in his book, “The Master Cleanser.” It has survived this long for one reason: It works. Additionally, the master cleanse is very simple to put into practice and does not require any complicated ingredients. The user simply mixes up a master cleanse drink, drinks 6-12 glasses of it throughout the day, and drinks a saltwater flush in the morning and an herbal laxative tea at night. The cleanse drink provides calories and vitamins, gets rid of mucus that is trapping toxins, and mobilizes those toxins. The saltwater flush helps wash out the toxins, and the laxative tea helps the body eliminate them. This process is continued for ten days.

One reason that the master cleanse recipe works so well is because of the ingredients in the drink. A master cleanse recipe drink contains only three things, but they are incredibly powerful. The first ingredient is fresh-squeezed lemon juice, which is high in vitamin C, kills bacteria, and dissolves gallstones and kidney stones. The second ingredient is Grade B maple syrup, which contains over 15 important nutrients, including potassium, iron, vitamin A, and several B vitamins. It also has 100 calories in every two tablespoons, so it helps stave off hunger. Finally, the drink contains cayenne, which has been called the most powerful herb in the world. It is such a strong blood regulator that it can reverse the symptoms of a heart attack, and it also breaks up mucus and cleanses the body.

After completing a master cleanse, many people report immediate improvement to their health. They generally have more energy, fewer cravings and clearer skin. In addition, they often lose as many as 14 pounds. Many people even experience alleviation from the symptoms of chronic diseases. This is because, as Dr. Burroughs explains in his classic book, all diseases are caused by an accumulation of toxins in the body. However, the master cleanse should not be done in isolation; it should be the beginning of a total lifestyle change. Once you have made that change, you will feel so good that you will never want to go back to the life you lead before.

Master Cleanse Recipe

The master cleanse recipe is a 10 day detox cleansing liquid diet with a 2 day preparation and a 3 day period after of returning to solid food. It consists of the more well known terms: Salt Water Flush and Lemonade Diet.

Preparing for the master cleanse:

For 2 days prior to the start of your 10 day master cleanse you will want to start reducing your caloric intake by lowering the size of your meals, drink more fluids ( water and home made juices only, no sodas ). During the average master cleanse day your caloric intake will be about 1,200 calories a day which is significantly lower than what the average person eats based on a 2500 calorie diet. So, you want to ease yourself into it for the couple of days prior.

10 Day Master Cleanse:

The Lemonade Diet – the recommended amount is 6 to 12 glasses a day of this lemonade recipe which provides 100 calories per serving due to the organic grade B maple syrup. You’ll do this for 10 days. No other food is needed.

Only use the highlighted ingredients below for best results

2 tablespoons of Organic Grade B Maple Syrup
2 tables spoons of Organic lemon juice (Freshly Squeezed – About 1/2 a lemon)
One tenth ( 1/10 ) of a tea spoon of Cayenne pepper – Organic
a 10oz glass or clean filtered drinking water
You will drink it 6 to 12 times a day. Whenever you feel hungry, make a glass. Do this for 10 days. More on the lemonade diet.

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During The First 5 Days:

During the first 5 days of following the master cleanse recipe you will be doing what its called a salt water flush. The flush is an inexpensive way to clear your bowels by following the recipe below.

– 2 Tea spoons of Natural Sea Salt – Non- Iodized only!
– 32oz. (1-quart) of room temperature or lukewarm water

Mix the 2 ingredients together and just drink it down. The first bowel movement will soon follow within the hour. More on the Salt Water Flush.

Going Back To Regular Eating:

The next 3 days after the 10 day lemonade diet including 5 days of the salt water flush cleanse, you will need to ease yourself back for 3 days until you can start eating regular solids again. You’ve gone for 10 days without solids such as meats. 10 days without fattening whites such as refined sugars, white breads, flower tortillas, corn tortillas ( mostly are made with GMO corn ) and white rice. These are usually the main culprits for fattening Americans. You’ve also gone 10 days without MSG and artificial sweeteners, food additives and other toxic chemicals which are added to processed foods. And, 10 days without mucous producing dairies.

You gave your body a break allowing your digesive system to rest.

Day 1- Drink multiple glasses of home made freshly squeezed orange juice. Eat a fresh fruits such as blueberries and raspberries. Chew your food thoroughly. Drink 8 glasses of water minimum.

Day 2 – Anything from Day 1 and introduce a light salad. remember to always chew your food completely.

Day 3 – Introduce 2 bigger salads of greens, tomatoes and other vegetables and legumes such as lentil beans.

Day 4 – Meats and Dairies maybe re-introduced. However keep these foods a minimum for a healthier lifestyle.

Reported Master Cleanse Benefits

Some of the reported improvements and benefits after the master cleanse is complete are:

Increased energy
Tendencies towards a healthier eating habit
Improved sex drive
Feelings of vitality and cleaness
Some weight loss (Varied from person to person)
Alleviation of allergies and mucous related conditions
clearer looking skin
When you think and look at all the toxins we put in our body from foods on a daily basis plus the quality of the air we breathe, giving your body a break and a chance to cleanse can have temendous benefits.

More Master Cleanse Resources

The original master cleanser book was first published in the 70’s by Stanley Burroughs. In the 1990s, Peter Glickman, brought the master cleanse back to the mainstream with his books and experiences. These are both great resoursces for the further understanding of the master cleanse and detoxing.

The Master Cleanse 10-day Kit & FREE BOOK

The Master Cleanser By Stanley Burroughs

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